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types of term loans

Term Loan Definition & Types of Term Loans

By Trey / November 2, 2021

According to statistics, eight out of every ten new businesses will fail within their first 18 months. Furthermore, the Small Business Administration estimates that only one-third of new businesses can survive for… Read More »

investment property loan

How to Get an Investment Property Loan with 10% Down

By Trey / July 21, 2021

Buying your first rental property can be an exciting journey to say the least. When you put your time and energy into finding the right rental property, the investment could… Read More »

truck driver working on his commercial truck financing requirements

Definitive Guide to Commercial Truck Financing

By Trey / July 14, 2021

If your business relies on commercial trucking to get your inventory to buyers or you own a freight business, perhaps it’s time you considered buying your own commercial truck. Owning… Read More »

accounts receivable

7 Reasons for Using Accounts Receivable Financing

By Trey / December 28, 2020

As a small business owner, you realize that sometimes your visions are much bigger than your wallet. But that’s not a sign that your vision is too large. It’s simply… Read More »

startup financing

A Fresh Start: 7 Business Startup Financing Tips

By Trey / December 23, 2020

Have you had an idea for a brand new business? Have you seen a problem in the world and think you have just the solution? Well, awesome! You may well… Read More »

how to get a small business loan

Learn How to Get a Small Business Loan

By Trey / December 15, 2020

You have an idea for starting a business. You begin to put the plan into action by thinking about equipment, supplies, employees, or advertising. Suddenly, you realize that your business… Read More »