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what is factoring

Factoring 101: What is Factoring?

By Trey / October 22, 2020

Does your company need cash now? It’s not unusual for successful small-to-midsize businesses to struggle with cash flow. That’s especially true for companies relying on large invoices with long payment… Read More »

what are short term loans

What are Short Term Loans?

By Trey / October 12, 2020

A short term loan can provide much-needed relief for cash flow problems. If you need financing for your business, you may wonder, “What are short term loans?” Short term loans… Read More »

Long term installment loans

5 Reasons Long Term Installment Loans are a Good Option

By Trey / October 9, 2020

Around 45% of Americans have taken out a loan in the last year to help them reach their goals. Whether it be an auto loan, a business startup loan, or… Read More »

accounts receivable financing

What Is Accounts Receivable Financing?

By Trey / September 10, 2020

Did you know the average large business in America takes 56 days to pay their supplier’s invoices? Are you a supplier waiting for those seemingly endless two months for that… Read More »

what is payroll

What Is Payroll and How Can I Find Funding for It?

By Trey / September 4, 2020

When your business is experiencing cash flow problems, payroll is not one of the expenses you should compromise. If you skip out on paying employees, there can be severe consequences…. Read More »

startup funding

How to Get Startup Funding for Your Small Business

By Trey / August 24, 2020

What’s the most challenging thing about starting a business? You guessed it; it’s financing! We totally get the excitement that comes with a business idea and the frustration that follows… Read More »