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Web Services to Help Your Business Grow

web servicesHaving a professional website for your business is a great way to attract new customers. Businesses need web services for several reasons. A professional website will help you inform customers about your business. They can learn more about your company at any time instead of having to wait until you open.

There are several other benefits to having a professional website, but there are some unique challenges you’ll face as well. Let’s look at the benefits of having a professional website and how our comprehensive web services can help you mitigate the challenges.

Benefits of Having a Professional Website

One of the biggest benefits of having a professional website is that you can reach clients even when you aren’t open. By using SEO, you can effectively market your business at half the cost of other types of campaigns.

With SEO, your goal is to appear on the first page of search engine results for certain keywords that people search for. People trust search engines and thus tend to use the businesses at the top of results. In fact, over 90% of internet searchers visit websites on the first page of search engine results. They rarely visit the second page.

If you can get on the first page, you could expose your business to millions of potential customers each year. The best part is that you can do so with little financial investment. Once you get to the top of search engine results, you get more visitors, which in turn improves your ranking even more. This form of marketing supports itself once you get past the initial stages.

You can also use your website to build trust between yourself and your customers. Customers will often research a business before making a big purchase to make sure they can trust the company. You can put a blog on your website to help build expertise in your field, which also builds trust.

Now that you know the benefits of having a website, you might believe that you don’t have the time to maintain it. That’s where web services and web management come in to play.

What is Web Services from Your FundingTree?

When you sign up for our web services program, we help you create and maintain your website. Our web services are designed to help you with all of your needs when establishing and maintaining a web presence.

Our goal is to help you with any challenges you may face. Let’s look at the solutions we offer.

Website Design and Development

Designing and developing your website can take a lot of time and energy that you could use running your business. It can be hard to set aside the time needed to plan and develop a site, especially if you don’t have technical knowledge.

We also understand how tempting it is to plan a website based on what looks best without thinking about the functionality of each page. There are several things to consider when making a website.

You should consider how fast your website loads first. If a site loads slowly, customers could become impatient and leave. Studies suggest that web site visitors will only wait for a second before they decide to leave your site and go somewhere else. You’ll also see your website’s ranking go down if your website doesn’t load fast enough.

Think of Google as a business and searchers as their customers. Google’s job is to give their customers what they want, which is a website that loads quickly. If your site runs slow, Google will send their customers somewhere else.

Since more people now search for information on their mobile phones and tablets, Google will also penalize your site if it isn’t optimized for mobile devices. This is another thing that takes some technical know-how. Visitors to your website should find it easy to navigate your website no matter what device they access it on.

Your FundingTree will help you develop and design a website that’s fast, optimized for mobile devices, and responsive to the needs of your customers. A good website will attract customers and rank higher in search engine results.

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Domain Name Registration and SSL Certificates

In order to get a website, you need to choose a name that’s easy to remember and that isn’t already claimed by someone else. From there, you have to register your website’s domain name.

You also need to get SSL certificates for your website. These certificates establish an encrypted connection between your visitor’s computer and your website to protect any information sent between the two parties, like payment or personal information.

Many web users only trust websites that have SSL certification. If they use Google Chrome and visit a website without the certificate, the browser will even show them a security warning before they go to your page! Visitors getting a security warning when visiting your company’s website isn’t good for business.

Your FundingTree will take care of both of these things for you. We can help to register your domain and help you get an SSL certificate for your business’s website.

Hosting Web Services

Your website also needs a hosting service. Hosting services run servers that allow you to put information on the internet and allows visitors to view your page. You need a reliable hosting service because if the server goes down, so does your website.

Every minute that your website is down could cost you sales. The quality of the hosting service also affects your website’s speed.

We offer managed hosting services that are built to scale with your business. Your website will remain safe and reliable as it grows. Instead of focusing on maintaining your own servers, which is both time-intensive and expensive, you can dedicate more time toward growing your website and improving your visibility online.

24/7/365 Customer and Technical Support to Protect Your Web Services

One of the main things you’ll need with any online service is 24/7 technical and customer support. If you have a website, there’s a good chance that at some point, you’ll encounter a problem. You’ll want someone that you can reach out to who can help you.

If your website ever has any issues, you can reach out to a team of experts that can help you solve the issue fast. They can also provide you with information that can help your website’s loading times, problems with images or videos, or even something simple like how to install certain programs for your site.

They can also help you develop new pages or answer questions about features. Our team is here to help you through any problems or questions you may have.

Advanced Security Features

You’ve probably heard about ransomware in the news recently, as it’s hit several high-profile websites. Ransomware is a program that hijacks your website and demands a monetary payment to regain access to your information. Without proper security in place, your site is at risk for these attacks, as well as DDOS, malware, and other security issues.

We offer advanced security features that keep your website safe and lock it down if any issues are detected. Regular security checks are run on your site that make sure you have the latest security updates for any programs you have installed. You’ll also be notified of any suspicious activity and given advice on how to prevent problems.

No matter how sophisticated security features are, your website will still always be at risk. That’s why our services also run regular backups of your site. With these backups, you’ll be able to restore your website if disaster strikes. You won’t have to worry about losing all of your data and hard work. With access to a 24/7/365 support team, technical assistance is always only a phone call away. We also offer data breach and cyber liability insurance so that you won’t be left in the cold if something bad should happen to your online business.

The security features we offer are both proactive and reactive. They work hard to prevent any security issues and have a proven track record of doing so, but if there is a problem, the services we offer will react fast and get your website back up and running.

Website Analytics

We provide you with all the information you need to determine what works for your website and what doesn’t. You can see how many visitors you have and can see their viewing habits. If you want to know which pages attract the most visitors, the data which you have access to will show you. You can also see which pages have the longest view time. If some content has a low view time compared to other blog posts or pages, you can make the necessary adjustments to correct the problem.

You can create landing pages for marketing campaigns and track the number of visitors and who clicks through to your website as well. This data is a major indicator of the success of your marketing campaigns. It normally takes a few attempts to get a campaign right. With the analytics we offer, you’ll know right away whether what you’re doing is working or if you need to change course.

You’ll also be able tell which products customers buy the most, what products they group together, and this will help you find the perfect price for selling your products or services. We make it easier for you to drive sales on your website!

The goal of your content should be to convert visitors into customers. You can track who clicks on what links and tweak your content accordingly. We give you access to the data you need to succeed and grow your online presence.

Your Web Services Business Partner

When you work with Your FundingTree, you’re getting more than a web service company. You’re partnering with a business that helps businesses of all sizes grow by providing effective business solutions to a number of different issues.

For example, let’s say that you build a regular business website now but later decide to sell products or services on it. With other web service companies, you would have to look for a processor, figure out whether it’s compatible with your website, and find a way to pay for it.

With Your FundingTree, we can help you get instantly approved for an online merchant account and provide you with a full-function shopping cart for your website. If you need funding to run a marketing campaign and improve your website’s visibility, we can help you acquire those funds as well.

We have a nationwide network of approved lenders that will compete for your business. All you have to do is fill out a 90-second application and we’ll work to find you the best offers from businesses that want to loan you money. We make running your website like a business simple.

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We designed our wide range of services to help any business grow. Whether you need help getting started or want to take your website to the next level, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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