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Graphic showing various modes of transportation such as trucking which might require business fundingToday, businesses in the transportation sector are facing increased demand like never before, with manufacturers and distributors needing more services in more industries. Although this business growth is good for small trucking and transportation companies, rapid business expansion without constant cash flow can be difficult. More demand means that companies have to invest in more fleet vehicles, new employees and training, and other business expenses, all of which add up quickly. Since some customers can take up to a month or two to pay their invoices, it’s important to have access to the types of business funding that can assist in such matters, which will help improve cash flow.

What’s the initial approach?

When cash flow and liquid capital become challenges for a business, going to the bank is one of the first things an owner of a transportation or trucking company will think to do. Trying to find a bank that has quality business funding options for the transportation industry can be time consuming, potentially causing owners to fall behind on running their businesses.

Some business owners seek out direct lenders that offer business funding to the transportation industry, but unfortunately not all lenders will offer the best interest rates or customer service. Each lender structures their rates differently, so it might be very difficult to figure out which is the best business funding option for your transportation company. You would need to spend a lot of time browsing various lender websites and spend weeks in discussions, along with many email communication streams with a variety of lenders, in order to get the best rate.

Is there an alternative solution?

Indeed, there is. Your FundingTree is a business funding company designed specifically to help you find the right lender, so that you don’t have to do the legwork. Instead of approaching every lender individually, our experts will find you the lenders that will be a perfect fit for your transportation company.

All you have to do is apply for a business funding loan with us here at Your FundingTree. You have the option to specify that you are in the transportation industry and provide other relevant business information that helps make it easier for lenders to offer you a customized package specifically for your transportation company. The application process only takes a couple of minutes and there’s no obligation – just submit your business funding request, and that’s it! Your FundingTree has its own national network of approved lenders, most of which cater to the transportation industry.

Once your application is submitted and reviewed by one of our expert financial advisors, you can expect to receive up to five offers from lenders who serve the transportation industry. Your financial advisor can help you compare the business funding offers you receive, so that you can decide which one works best for your transportation company. After you choose your desired business funding lender, and your transportation company has been approved for financing, you could potentially begin funding with your new lender within the next business day.

Why is Your FundingTree a better option?

Your FundingTree is an online service that makes it possible for you to fill out an application that will be reviewed by countless lenders and banks by just the click of a button – no strings attached. This is a much easier approach in comparison to finding yourself that one lender or bank that has the best possible offer for you. Your FundingTree streamlines the process, making comparisons convenient and hassle-free, as it does all the legwork for you.

If you work in the transportation or trucking industry and find it hard to evolve and grow your business, a good business funding system is what you really need. By partnering with Your FundingTree, you will gain access to lenders who offer the transportation industry the best rates and customer service.

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