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  • 7 Staffing Agency Payroll Funding Ideas You Need to Know

    It may seem like businesses have come to a grinding halt due to the coronavirus epidemic. While that’s true for some industries, others are overwhelmed and need to hire thousands of employees which is where payroll funding comes into play. This presents a huge opportunity for staffing agencies. These companies need to hire staff quickly, […]

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  • US Business Funding for Small Businesses: How to Get a Grant

    According to US business funding statistics, over 60% of new businesses fail within ten years. One of the top reasons why so many small businesses go under is lack of capital. Building a business takes resources, and not all new businesses can generate enough profits to support growth. Up to 77% of small businesses are initially […]

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  • Put Your Business on Top With These 5 Key Success Factors

    As you strive to grow your business and build your bottom line, are you rushing full-steam ahead? Have you thought about the key success factors which will help your business grow? If so, it’s easy to lose sight of the path around and in front of you. Keeping this lightning-fast pace doesn’t only lead to […]

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  • What Is an Invoice?

    An invoice is one of the most basic business documents. However, you may have questions if you’re new to running a business. You may also have questions about its details. Or, wondering if there’s anything to do with them besides filing them away and later forgotten. What is an invoice? What’s it used for? How […]

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  • A Business Owner’s Guide to Employee Benefits

    Did you know that 60% of people report that work employee benefits are a huge factor in deciding whether to accept a job offer? The truth of the matter is your current (and potential) employees want benefits. They see it as a concrete sign of whether you’ll invest in their well-being and their financial stability […]

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  • Invoice Example for All Kinds of Business

    It’s no secret that sales are the lifeblood of your business. This is true whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Unless customers are already paying for your goods or services, your brand is just a dream on paper. Yet, before that big day comes and you make […]

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  • Net Working Capital (NWC): Everything You Need to Know

    According to statistics, 82% of business failures are due to insufficient cash flow and a lack of net working capital (NWC). Perhaps more alarmingly, global reports show that more than 90% of businesses may not have a transparent view of their cash flow. If you are looking to optimize your cash flow, one of the […]

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  • 1099 vs W2: The Difference, Why It Matters, and Everything in Between

    The American workforce is changing dramatically. An increasing number of Americans are breaking ties with employers and going out on their own. This is causing employers and the workforce to make decisions between 1099 vs W2. These individuals classify themselves as independent workers and are technically their own boss. They work under contract with another […]

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  • What is a UCC Filing (and How Does it Affect Your Business)

    The financial agreements you enter into as a business owner are some of the most important decisions you’ll make. Most businesses borrow money or open lines of credit at some point during the life of their business and these are typically secured by a UCC filing. Business owners should have a basic understanding of UCC […]

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  • An Employer’s Guide to Form 940

    Congratulations! Your business is off the ground and you’ve hired your first W-2 employees, now it’s time to learn what a Form 940 is. As you prepare to run payroll, you’ll notice that there are multiple forms to complete, taxes to pay, and complexities to navigate. Maintaining a team takes more work than simply paying wages every two weeks. One of the […]

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