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  • Business Line of Credit Requirements and How to Apply

    When you are trying to take your business to the next level, it’s important that you give yourself the tools that will help it grow. Knowing what business line of credit requirements are is good start. The Small Business Administration (SBA) says that within two years of opening their doors, some 30 percent of companies […]

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  • PO Financing 101: What is Purchase Order Financing?

    Around 82% of businesses fail due to challenges with their cash flow management. Growing businesses should know that PO financing is a solution to cash flow shortages. A critical part of managing your cash flow is the cycle around bringing and fulfilling new business. If you struggle to fulfill new orders coming in, it can […]

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  • What is a Bridge Loan? Everything You Need to Know

    A vital part of being able to run a successful business is borrowing money. Sometimes, the funds aren’t available when they’re needed. What options do you have and what is a bridge loan? A bridge loan can provide you with financial relief to keep your business strategy on track. This article will help you learn […]

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  • Business Line of Credit or a Traditional Business Loan

    If you have a business and want to expand, add more inventory, etc., then at some point you’ll need to a business loan. It’s common practice for businesses, and banks are happy to provide the money to help successful businesses become even more profitable. The most common types of business borrowing are business loans and […]

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  • AR Financing: How Accounts Receivable Financing Can Help Your Business

    There’s no single reason why businesses run out of funding when they are looking to grow, but answers can often be found by looking at their accounts receivable report. When a business is trying to grow, AR financing can help increase cash flow based on the amount of unpaid invoices due from its clients. Here’s everything […]

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  • What is Asset Based Lending? Learn How to Apply for an ABL

    Each year, more than 627,000 new small businesses open their doors in the United States. No matter what industry they’re in, they all have one thing in common: they need cash to grow and reach new levels of success. Though traditional business loans are always an option, they’re not ideal for some borrowers. Worse, new businesses […]

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  • How to Apply for a Business Loan: The Top Tips to Know

    59% of business owners took out a business loan to expand their business in 2017. When so many people are taking out business loans, it makes you wonder, should I get one too, and do I know how to apply for a business loan? Business loans can help your business grow and stay afloat. Below we’ll […]

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  • What are Business Lines of Credit and How Exactly do They Work?

    What if your business could grow at the rate of your ambition? Chances are you have big plans for the future of your business. However, the hard part of future plans is finding the money to make it happen. Business lines of credit provide one of the best ways to fund various needs. But many […]

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  • Term Loan Definition and the Different Types of Term Loans

    According to statistics, eight out of every ten new businesses will fail within their first 18 months. Furthermore, the Small Business Administration estimates that only one-third of new businesses can survive for the first ten years. A critical reason for these businesses failing is the lack of adequate capital to keep the company running or to grow it. […]

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  • SBA Loan Programs and the Different Types of SBA Loans

    The Office of Advocacy at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), reports that more than 90 percent of all companies in the U.S. are considered a “small business.” There are more than 30 million small business companies in operation today. Luckily these small companies can access plenty of government funding resources available to make their entrepreneurial […]

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