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  • How to Choose the Best Payroll Service for Your Business

    Research shows that more than 50% of business owners completely outsource their payroll service and tax reporting services. Moreover, nearly all businesses outsource at least a portion of their payroll in some capacity. They do so to help manage costs, lower risks, minimize exposure, reduce manual efforts, and ensure access to skilled staffing. Are you looking […]

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  • A Comprehensive Guide On How to Start a Trucking Company

    Are you thinking about starting a trucking business and need to learn how to start a trucking company? Congratulations! Trucks transport about 70 percent of all freight in the US, which means a lot of potential earnings for you! With this kind of rising demand, the trucking industry is serving as an essential industry to […]

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  • A Definitive Guide On How to Start a Staffing Agency

    Gone are the days when a resume and firm handshake could land a job. Finding a job is a full-time job these days. In fact, many will send hundreds of applications during their search. For some, it takes 15+ weeks to finally land a job. People turn to a staffing agency as a way to streamline job placement. Staffing […]

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  • 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Accounts Receivable Financing (Today!)

    As a small business owner, you realize that sometimes your visions are much bigger than your wallet. But that’s not a sign that your vision is too large. It’s simply a sign that it’s time to partner with an accounts receivable financing company. The reality is, sometimes you can’t grow your business using your own resources. […]

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  • A Fresh Start: 7 Business Startup Funding Tips That Will Change Your Life

    Have you had an idea for a brand new business? Have you seen a problem in the world and think you have just the solution? Well, awesome! You may well be onto something. However, you’ll soon realize that having the idea is only one part of the puzzle. Having access to startup funding might be […]

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  • 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs on Starting a Trucking Company

    Today, trucking affects upwards of 6 percent of all businesses which is why starting a trucking company could be a successful idea. It is one of the most consistent and reliable forms of logistics, so if you’d like to start a new business, trucking is an excellent avenue. It’s an entrepreneur’s dream to launch such […]

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  • A Simple Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement Template for Businesses to Use

    As a business owner, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the financial health of your business. From tackling the accounting duties yourself to sharing those duties with a dedicated team. If you’re outsourcing these services then it pays to know your way around the most important documents. One of the more important documents for any type […]

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  • A Step By Step Outline On How to Write a Business Plan

    Learning how to write a business plan is one of the most important steps to take when starting a new business. According to research, creating a business plan can increase your chances of starting your business by 152%. What’s more, published studies also show that planning can cause companies to grow up to 30% faster. […]

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  • What is Invoice Factoring and How Does It Work?

    Does your company need cash now? It’s not unusual for successful small-to-midsize businesses to struggle with cash flow. That’s especially true for companies relying on large invoices with long payment terms. Do you know what invoice factoring is? If you’re in that predicament, invoice factoring might be the answer to your problems. It can even […]

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  • Bankruptcy Foundations: Chapter 11

    We are living in unprecedented times as the COVID-19 virus takes hold of the world. As businesses big and small are forced to close, business owners are in desperate need of a solution. For many business owners affected by this pandemic, filing for bankruptcy seems like the only option. If you’re a business owner struggling […]

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